Plague Throat – The Human Paradox (Review)

Plague ThroatThis is the debut album from Plague Throat, an Indian death metal band.

Here’s an album that I knew I had to listen to as soon as I became aware of it. Something about the combination of the band’s name, their logo, and the album cover just screamed at me that this was right up my alley.

I was right.

This album is full of juicy brutality and heavy riffs. Combining aggressive, barbaric death metal with no small amount of technicality, streaks of melody, and some crushing breakdowns, The Human Paradox is almost 40 minutes of relentless savagery and nastiness.

The songs are well-written and there are some nice little touches and ideas peppered around the tracks. The band are clearly both passionate and talented in their chosen field of slaughter, and this is an easy album to like if you’re a death metal fan.

Boasting instant gratification and long-term appeal, Plague Throat clearly know what they’re doing with this material. The Human Paradox operates at a higher killing capacity than your average death metal album.

I very much enjoy the singer’s voice. His growls are full of roaring fire and the promise of bloodshed.

The album has a professional production that lends strength to the power of the songs themselves. As a package there’s not a thing out of place and The Human Paradox is a very satisfying listen.

Very highly recommended.

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