Earth and Pillars – Pillars I (Review)

Earth and PillarsThis is the second album from Italian black metal band Earth and Pillars.

It starts off softly, leaving you unprepared for what lies within…

This is atmospheric black metal with long songs and epic ambition.

Mixing repetitive atmospheric mood-pieces with suffocating blasting ambience, Earth and Pillars take the listener on a dark trip through atmospheric climes and blackened darkness of feeling.
The work is interweaved with keyboards, adding to and enhancing the ambience of the music, and sometimes taking centre stage. With bleak guitars that seem to merge with the keyboards to create a myriad of different hues and colours, Earth and Pillars are not without talent when it comes to their chosen art.

I get the impression that this would have been a quite satisfying album even without the keyboards, although it definitely would have lost something were they not present. Obviously though, they are, and their role in bringing these songs to life shouldn’t be understated. They provide colour and vibrancy to the music. There’s a lot of icy fire in the guitars; a coldness that almost burns. They’re not without feeling, of course, but it’s the interplay between these frigid guitars and the warmer keyboards that really brings out the life in the four long hymns on Pillars I.

Aspects of this release are relatively impenetrable for this kind of music, and the band are on the rawer side of things, (although not ridiculously so). This means that they undoubtably won’t appeal to everyone, (which in some ways is a stupid thing to say as it could be said of any band/music/etc., but you know what I mean), but if you’re willing to brave the walls of blasting emotion and dark, textured soundscapes that the band create then there are a lot of delights to be had on Pillars I.

I’ve really taken to this. Let its dark delights envelope you.

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