Inert – Obliteration of the Self (Review)

InertThis is the debut EP from this international, (Swedish/Spanish), death metal band.

Inert play old-school/Swedish death metal, taking influence from the likes of Dismember, Grave, Bloodbath and Entombed.

Dark growls sound as if something monolithic is being dragged through the earth. The singer sounds quite inhuman and has a relentlessly aggressive voice.

That chainsaw guitar sound is present and correct, with the riffs sounding quite large and in charge. Tasty guitar solos are also included in the band’s toolbox.

Heavy grooves and energetic beats form a backbone to the songs, which also mix in slower parts and some good double-bass led assaults.

The songs are well-written and quite memorable. Obliteration of the Self has a good feeling to it, one of familiarity due to the style, but with a vibrancy about it that makes you want to listen to it again and again.

A very enjoyable EP; I look forward to what Inert do next.

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