Deceptionist – Initializing Irreversible Process (Review)

DeceptionistThis is the début album from this Italian death metal band.

Here we have 34 minutes of music that combines elements of both technical and brutal death metal into its feral core. Featuring guests from Hideous Divinity, Deceptionist waste no time in establishing themselves as cyborg-enhanced death metal warriors.

Dealing with the type of concepts that Fear Factory would be proud of, Initializing Irreversible Process is a modern exploration of primal death metal, filtered through the lens of a band who know how to inject technicality into their brutal delivery.

Complex rhythms and impressive drumming forge ahead as the singer’s gruff delivery attempts to keep pace. These vocals are well-delivered and provide an organic component to the music’s inhuman precision. The recording is pristine, and you can even hear the bass.

Occasional sound enhancements appear here and there; added noises, electronics, samples, etc. It all adds to the theme of the album and is just something extra for the listener to enjoy.

If you like modern technical death metal then I heartily recommend giving Deceptionist a spin. They have a very satisfying sound and the songs hit the spot quite nicely.

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