Interview with Ad Patres and UK Tour Dates

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French death metallers Ad Patres are a perennial favourite of my playlists, so when I saw they were touring the UK soon I got really quite excited. Their very sexy label Kaotoxin Records had the following to say –

Kaotoxin is proud to announce the first ever UK tour by French Death Metal machine AD PATRES, supporting brutal Brits of ABHORRENT DECIMATION.

After having played HellFest and many other French festivals, Netherlands with Krisiun, a weekend tour with Morbid Angel in France and Belgium, played Germany’s DeathFeast and whatnot, it’s time for AD PATRES to bring their savage beatings to UK stages and who other to team with than ABHORRENT DECIMATION for a brutal package of high-class Death Metal the way it was meant to be!

Dubbed “Your God Is Dead”, the tour will start with a one-off gig featuring AD PATRES only (and supports) in Kaotoxin’s hometown of Lille, France, on June 15 after which both bands will start a three days killing spree accross UK. It will also mark the touring debut of Pierre-Yves Marani recently replaced Sébastien “Canard” Brouchican on guitars for AD PATRES.

AD PATRES are currently in the writing process for the followup to their successful and brilliant 2012 début full-length, “Scorn Aesthetics“. The new album is planned for a 2017 release through Kaotoxin.

Dates are as follows:

Jun.15 – FR – Lille – Le Midland (Ad Patres + supports)
Jun.16 – UK – Croydon – Scream Lounge
Jun.17 – UK – Liverpool – Maguire’s
Jun.18 – UK – Hitchin – Club 85

Ad Patres Tour

I felt compelled to reach out to the band get the full scoop on what the UK has to look forward to…

Introduce yourself!

I am bass player, manager, booker, lyrics writer and one of the founding members of French brutal death metal band AD PATRES. The band was created back in 2008 and our aim is to write and play quality death metal with focus on both riffing and intensity. Our music sounds a bit somewhere in between Suffocation and Hate Eternal.

We have released our first album “Scorn Aesthetics” back in 2012 through Kaotoxin records and we are now working on the second album.

You’ll soon be assaulting the UK for the first time on a short UK tour with Abhorrent Decimation, are you excited to be playing the UK

We are extremely happy to play in the UK, not only because the country has a huge background in death metal history, but also because we love to play in new countries, meet new people and new audiences. We are also really happy to meet again some friends from English bands like the guys of Eye of Solitude, Unfathomable Ruination and Neuroma. Some friends from French bands told us the audience in the UK can go crazy and we love to have an intense exchange with the crowd during live sets so we are really looking forward to feel the feedback from the Brits!

What’s the Ad Patres live show like?

We have been working recently on that by adding unreleased new songs to our set and and we are doing our best to keep the whole performance really intense and powerful and to find the best song sequence so the entire show has a great level of energy.

Honestly, we don’t feel like having some “weaker” songs and removing old songs to make some space for the new ones is a bit of a pain in the ass and we know some fans may not be happy because they are missing this or that song but our priority is to keep things brutal and intense and to keep it fresh for us to play and also to move forward with new material.

Why should people come to the shows?

Well, first thing is that people should come to shows because our scene is underground and all the people involved (bands, promoters, labels, organizers, venues) are 99% not professional and we all need live music and support to keep this musical genre alive and well. If you don’t want to choose between Nightwish and Amon Amarth and want more bands to continue making music, come to shows.

My second point is that live gigs is what it’s all about: that is where there is no cheating. Our music style, maybe more than other musical genres, has some kind of sick of a really naughty cancer that appeared as recording technology has become more and more accessible to anyone with a computer. I mean, you can see so many bands with a really impressive sound on an album but when it comes to playing for real the music you’ve written and recorded, there are not so many bands remaining intense, powerful and brutal.

We do our best to keep that in mind when we write music and when we rehearse for live shows and, according to some people, we are doing quite well.

This will also mark your band’s first live shows with a new permanent guitarist – how’s this been working out?

Pierre-Yves has joined us on a permanent basis since last autumn when we have started focusing on the next album. He is not coming out of nowhere as he has already played live with us one year ago, replacing Olivier when he broke his wrist and also he owns the Ubik studio and he did the mastering of our album “Scorn Aesthetics” for analogue versions (cassette and vinyl versions were released in 2014). He is a guitar teacher and also runs a studio so he is bringing a lot of experience regarding the sound of the band and he is also bringing a lot of musical skills with his playing ; We now have both our guitar players with the ability to write and play solos so it brings a great new string to our bow.

Your début album Scorn Aesthetics was released in 2012 – how do you feel about this album now?

The reception of Scorn Aesthetics has been extremely positive and the record probably brought far beyond where we expected – even if we always have high expectations. We were really proud of the album when it was released and we are still very proud of it. We still have tons of pleasure to play the songs live and to witness the way people react to the songs live. As I said earlier, we are kind of forced to stop playing some songs in order to be able to experiment the new material live and it is always a tough choice to pick a song out of the live setlist, which is a good sign. But we still like all songs and I don’t think any song has been abandoned forever, so you can expect a 1h30 live set for next year! 😀

With a new album planned for a 2017 release, how’s this progressing?

At the moment, we have all songs written, 8 new songs. We are rehearsing those songs and we already play live 5 of these songs. We still have to finish writing the vocals and also the lyrics for it. Maybe we will have some time to work on one or two cover songs for the album or maybe just for live shows. We have the album title (it remains secret) and we have started working with Xenoyr from Ne Obliviscaris on some ideas for the artwork, he created the artwork for Scorn Aesthetics. We plan to start the recording of the drums next month, or maybe straight after the UK tour.

How will it compare to Scorn Aesthetics?

I think the new album will go a bit farther and wider than Scorn Aesthetics, in the expression of our influences and style. In my opinion, the song writing is now more mature and the songs are a bit more difficult to play, but I am not sure it will be that obvious for the listener. We do our best to keep a good balance between atmospheres, intensity and efficiency and we still don’t want our music to sound like a skills demonstration. It is really important for us to serve the listening fluency first.

We really hope it will have a great reception from the fans and it will allow us to play many more places than we have already played yet!

Any final words?

We’d like to thank Wonderbox a lot for those questions and for the support and the interest in the band! We really hope we can meet for real during our tour in the UK and have a beer together after the show so we can have your feedback.

Keep doing the great job with your zine and supporting all the bands. Thank you so much!

To the fans: the long wait for the next album is coming to its final stages, we are really excited to bring you new songs. Come support us live, you’ll hear it before anyone else. Get in touch, come meet us and share a good chat (and fresh beverage!). Thanks to all the people supporting us for so long now, you are incredible and your support is much more appreciated and important to us than you think!

Excellent. Well, if this isn’t enough to get you all hot and bothered, I don’t know what is.

Go see them.

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