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Mindshift’s latest album Horizon is a thoroughly enjoyable slab of modern Metal, taking in both soaring, melodic choruses and crushingly heavy grooves. They’re definitely one of the more engaging bands that play this style, and I urge you to give them a listen if you haven’t done so already. The time seemed right to find out a bit more about this Swedish machine…

Introduce us to Mindshift!

Metal band based out of Stockholm, Sweden, that has been around for about 10 years. But the last 3 years has been sort of a turning point for the band where we have found our sound and started to see the band’s full potential.

For the moment a three piece that consist of Marcus ”Mao” Uggla (Vocals), Johan Lund (Guitar) and Fabien ”Fabz” Perreau (Drums).

What are your influences?

When it comes to writing the music and lyrics for Mindshift, we are influenced by day to day things, current events in our lives and around the world as well as listening to a lot of music. Bands like Killswitch Engage, Soilwork, Metallica, Architects, Heart Of A Coward, Machine Head, Periphery, Meshuggah, Whitechapel, Memphis May Fire, Gojira are constantly on rotation.

Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

Oh man, only FIVE? Hehe. Ok, here goes:

Architects – A Match Made In Heaven (single from upcoming album)
Killswitch Engage – Incarnate (album)
Heart Of A Coward – Deliverance (album)
Texas In July – Bloodwork (album)
Whitechapel – Our Endless War (album)

Tell us about your latest release

We’re releasing our album ”Horizon” on April 29th through Eclipse Records. It’s got 15 blistering tracks packed with heavy riffs, brutal and melodic vocals and a groove that will make your head bang! It was recorded in my studio, Soundfraction Studios as well as at our vocalist Mao’s studio, Studio Rimfrost. We produced the album ourselves and I mixed and mastered it taking feedback from the other guys. We’re really proud of the album, both how it sounds and the way the songs came out, we can’t wait to set it loose!

How did you choose the cover artwork?

The cover is made by the talented Gustavo Sazes. We had seen previous work and talked with other bands that had worked with him before and that made us confident in giving him total freedom to come up with a cover. And the result speaks for it self, it looks awesome!

Mindshift Band

What’s the process you use for writing songs?

Normally it starts with either me or Mao, who, besides being an awesome singer, also is a great guitar player, bringing in a riff or a entire song idea, that we have worked on at home our in our studios, to the rehearsal space. From there, with the amazing Fabz behind the drum kit, we jam on the ideas and mold the ideas into songs. It’s really cool to have such great co-musicians in the band that each give their own touch to the songs.

Although recently, when we’ve played together for quite some time, we are beginning to write ideas together right there in the rehearsal space, just jamming. Which is really exciting because it gets a lot more spontaneous. Looking forward to see what the next album will bring!

How do you think your music will progress in the future?

We are focusing a lot on the groove within the song. And I’ve been writing a lot of riffs with my 8 string Ibanez guitar so heavier is definitely a safe word to say the music will be. But still maintaining our melodic side with strong choruses.

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

Another hard one, they’re all great! If I had to choose one, I would say ”A Thousand Scars”, because it’s soooo heavy!

With music becoming increasingly digital in nature, what’s your take on the digital/physical debate and the current state of the music industry?

It feels like the digital platforms like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc. are more or less the standard of delivering music to the people nowadays and in a way that’s great, because people are getting used to actually paying for their music and not just downloading it ”for free”. Even though I miss going to a record store and browse around all the sections looking for cool new music, let’s face it, it’s pretty damn comfortable to sit at home, or at the subway on the way to work for that matter, and order your music for immediate access. And speaking of new music, it’s the best time ever for up and coming bands (like us!) to get noticed. If you have a great song, put it up on Youtube and you have a possibility to reach millions of listeners!

However, I don’t see that physical albums will disappear any time soon. Especially when it comes to metal music. I think a lot of fans still want that CD, to look through the booklet and read the lyrics. And vinyl has gotten a real boost recently as well.

Playing live – essential or pointless?

Definitely essential! For all genres I think but again, especially when it comes to rock, metal etc. where the live platform always has been there as a way for the artist to connect with their fans on a whole other level. You get all the senses involved, the sound of the music, the visuals of the performance and the people around you, and the feel of the bass and kick drum hitting you in the chest (or the fist in the moshpit, haha)

What are the next steps for Mindshift?

After Horizon is released, the plan is to get out and play as much as possible to promote the album. We’re hoping to get out on a longer tour in the fall. In the mean time, we will continue writing songs for our next album, always stay a step ahead!

For more info on Mindshift, visit

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