Ende – The Rebirth of I (Review)

EndeEnde are a French Black Metal band and this is their second album.

This is traditionally-styled Black Metal that is both raw and atmospheric, creating frozen soundscapes with an effective use of dark melodies and icy riffs.

The vocals howl out from the frosted wind, screaming with venomous diatribes and foul incantations. The singer’s voice has a wonderfully liquid sharpness to it that flows alongside the fluidity of the music very well.

The sound is perfectly judged; the right combination of raw fragility and distorted power. Combined with the effortlessly mood-driven riffs these songs easily transport the listener to lands full of coldness and pain. Which is what we want, obviously.

As Black Metal goes this is up there with the best of them really. Black Metal is a multi-faceted and constantly evolving beast, but sometimes you just want a quality dose of the classic Blackened style done extremely well, and Ende do this better than most. The added emotive, atmospheric aspects of the grim guitar melodies simply cement Ende as having more to offer than the average purveyor of this style.

Highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “Ende – The Rebirth of I (Review)

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