Vision Lunar – Luna Subortus (Review)

Vision LunarThis is the début EP from Vision Lunar, a one-man Atmospheric Black Metal project from Canada.

This is minimalistic Black Metal, atmospheric and haunting in its beauty and emanating an aura of darkness that’s softly broken by pale moonlight.

It’s a subtle affair, more interested in setting a scene and encouraging the listener to feel for themselves the primordial power of the night, rather than bluntly stating its intent with crude blasting or ugly vitriol.

The first song leads you in gently, while the last track lets you out slowly. In the middle is the main event; cascading Blackened riffs, producing a veritable sea of darkness that the moon gently glides above.

There are no vocals to sully the purity of this midnight exploration, only the atmospheric mood-setting of the guitars.

It’s a short release; at just under 12 minutes in length it’s a mere introduction to the vision of this particular artist. It’s worth setting aside the time to get to know it though, as its charms are insidious and rich in emotive qualities.

Listen and gaze up at the night sky.

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