Gigan – Multi​-​Dimensional Fractal​-​Sorcery And Super Science (Review)

GiganSo you fancy some futuristic Progressive Technical Death Metal do you? Well look no further than US band Gigan as they have what you’re looking for!

This is no easy listening though; it requires repeated spins to truly absorb what is going on here. And even then there is still more to discover.

This may be touted as Technical Death Metal, and it is as far as descriptors go; but it’s not your average Tech Death that’s for sure.

Riffs wash over you like a sea of cosmic rays and thousands of quantum fluctuations assault your senses in forbidden mathematical equations. In a way the cover is all you need to know about this release as it captures the essence of the album very well, if not the raw visceral chaos of the songs themselves.

The tracks are lengthy and involved, and the production is dense and gritty; the nuances are plentiful and easy to overlook on first listen. There is simply so much content in every minute that it can be hard to know which part to focus on. Never let it be said that Gigan aren’t giving enough.

This is interesting and innovative in the way that only ground-breakers and rule-smashers can be. On a bumpy, mind-numbing journey through outer space, I can’t think of any better guide than Gigan.

Multi​-​Dimensional Fractal​-​Sorcery And Super Science can be befuddling and unapproachable; but those who persevere will be rewarded. Great stuff.

2 thoughts on “Gigan – Multi​-​Dimensional Fractal​-​Sorcery And Super Science (Review)”

  1. If I said Gigan music made me ecstatic, it wouldn’t be enough, but you get the picture. That thing is not from this world, no way.
    I must have it. Wonder if it is being distributed in Europe…

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